Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog

Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog 240219
Adopted Dog: Soba

“I’ve started sharing my life with Soba – a 3.5 year mongrel- in Sept 2018. At first she was really shy, but she quickly blossomed into a charming girl with a loving and affectionate personality. She had some trust issues, even when it came to food (she would keep looking around when eating), and was afraid of mostly everything. Her adjustment was a big one, and it was quite rewarding to feel both of us making efforts to gain each other’s confidence day after day. I try my best to reassure her as much as I can. She keeps encouraging me by opening her warm loving heart more and more!

Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog 240219
I must say that, as a first time pet owner, I recommend you to adopt an adult shelter dog. First, you get to help a loving heart in need, and second, the dog is likely grass-trained and you know already its personality and what to expect. That definitely helps a first-timer. The team from SOSD, and Soba’s fosterer, did a wonderful job in training Soba on simple obedience commands while she was waiting for her forever home.

Yet, the best thing, was that the SOSD team suggested Soba might be a good match for me, character wise, after I explained my routine, the time I had to invest, the fact that I needed a dog that was more quiet and did not had a habit of chewing as I don’t own a house and I live in a rented condo.

Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog 240219
So thank you SOSD (and Maureen in particular) for your wonderful work, and for making our encounter possible. And last but not least, thank you Soba, my dear “Singapore Special” dog, for all the unconditional love, for all the kisses, for all your effort to adjust to our new life, for bringing me joy with your tail wags and for making my days brighter!”

– Diogo, Soba’s Adopter