Babe had stolen our hearts

Babe had stolen our hearts 01117
I first laid eyes on this baby during SOSD’s inaugural pedigree adoption drive. My family was looking to adopt a medium-aged to senior JRT as we had fostered my partner’s 14-year old JRT previously and my parents were endeared to him.

As my parents were getting on in years, we decided that we may not be able to provide a loving home to a Singapore Special rescue and eventually decided on Babe. I asked the volunteers if she was still up for adoption, and thankfully she was.

I paid Babe and her fosterer a visit to check on her personality and if we can adapt our home and lifestyles since she has some special needs. It turned out that her needs were manageable and affordable.

I took her home for a two-week homestay. I have to applaud SOSD for this; to the best of my information and belief, they are the only animal welfare group I’ve come across that was so accommodating in helping rescued dogs find their furever homes. The volunteers were candid in informing me of her past that had left her with some physical scars and lingering health issues.

To cut the long story short, it turned out that she was not difficult at all. In two short weeks, she had stolen our hearts, (albeit giving us a shock in snapping at my partner’s aforementioned JRT who got too curious about her butt) and I informed the volunteers that we could not bear to part with this little terror.

It has been several months since Babe came into our home and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to SOSD, the volunteers involved and Babe’s dearest foster mama who still pine for her to this day.

Some pawrents would get a cute puppy and raise a dog from cradle to grave. I respect that. But to those who can afford a place in your hearts, and a home for a rescued dog, please do give them a chance.

We opened our hearts to one such dog and never looked back. Any dog, whether purchased from a pet store or breeder or a rescued dog from a local shelter, is always capable of giving us unconditional love, loyalty, and affection. We just need to earn their love and devotion and give them the forever home each and every dog deserves.

Babe’s adopter