Big-hearted Juhi & Bebe

Big-hearted Juhi Bebe
A year ago, SOSD rehoming volunteer Juhi stood up to foster Bebe, a blind, 10 year old girl from a fish farm. Before she knew it, Juhi fell in love with Bebe, and adopted her.

Big-hearted Juhi sent Bebe for cataract surgery, so that she can see again, and today, in a fairy tale happy ending, Juhi and Bebe are inseparable, best friends who teach each other life lessons along the way!

Read Juhi’s beautiful article, telling us how dogs make us better, and why you should consider adopting a senior dog too!

“I realised that we spend far too much time telling the world we should be kind to animals because it is the humane thing to do, and not enough time and effort telling them why we need these animals – arguably, more than they need us.

Bebe was blind and old when we got her – a far cry from the cute furry puppies people dream of when they think of their first pet. But watching Bebe go from this timid, vulnerable, blind old lady to a feisty, playful and wildful puppy has taught me that it is not just important but imperative to take a second look at anything, any person, or any situation that might seem imperfect at first glance – there is usually always more to love or to learn in those cracks.”