Bria’s adopters, Michelle and Vincent

We first met Bria at the Yishun adoption drive at the end of August. She was part of the lovely and oh so adorable B-pup litter. We were first drawn by the playful energy surrounding this puppy group. And amongst them, Bria’s friendliness to people stood out almost immediately. She would rush towards people and lovingly lick their faces if possible. It was difficult to say no to her.

Upon adoption Bria warmed up to us pretty quickly. We discovered that Bria’s love for physical affection also includes cuddling and hugging. Whenever we sat on our couch she would most definitely climb up to be close to us. At other times, Bria would follow us around the house and try to share the same space as us. She loves to observe what we are up to. We are thankful that Bria is generally well behaved, content to play with her squeaky toys when we are busy.

On a daily basis, we now make time to bring Bria out for a walk twice a day. This lifestyle change meant that we had less time to spend on social media; looking at Instagram and Facebook. Every time we come home, a most enthusiastic Bria with her ears pulled backwards and tongue hanging out, would greet us. This would probably become something we cannot do without.

Going to the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park dog run became a new refreshing activity in our weekly schedule. Although Bria started off timid with other dogs, she overcame her fear after a few visits. It was very rewarding to see Bria playing in a care-free manner with other dogs.

“So yes, the inclusion of Bria in our lives has been a positive one.” – Bria’s adopters, Michelle & Vincent