Eileen Hong, I/C of Events Team

Eileen Hong 110417
Eileen is your bubbly I/C of Healing Paws Events Team, the team that brought us the fun-filled outing at Marina Barrage last December. Hachi, her Shetland Sheepdog, is also a charming dog who makes all the kids and dogs go ga-ga over him. When asked why she decided to join Healing Paws, Eileen commented that it is because she has always loved giving back to society and when she is with Healing Paws, she gets to give and receive double the joy with her dog. As she always says, “Nothing beats spreading the love of animals!” Read on to find out more about Eileen and her volunteering experience:

– A memorable experience…
The most memorable session was MIND’s first. All of the clients were afraid to approach the dogs. We had to slowly coax them to approach the dogs and started off by getting them to touch the backs of our dogs, then slowly working their way up to their heads. Thirty minutes later, most of the clients were smiling so happily, busy patting, combing, feeding, and even walking our dogs. It was a great feeling to be able to change their perspective on animals. The sweetest moment was when they went home to share with their families the experiences they had had with our dogs.

– What motivates you to keep volunteering?
Every session with Healing Paws is always a new experience. I actually receive a lot more than I give. Every smile and every laugh warm my heart. I love how everyone lights up the moment they see our dogs walk into the room. Secondly, I get to make a lot of new friends! That’s actually the best thing about Healing Paws.

– For the newbies and not-so-new ones alike…
Do join us for our events. That’s where we let loose and have loads of fun. It’s for us to get to know you as a person and as a friend, a time where all ‘hoomans’ and dogs get to mingle! I sincerely hope you guys enjoy your journey with Healing Paws.