Jurong Island Food Donation

Jurong Island Food Donation 2016

ACRES, NAC and SOSD embarked on a project, to manage the stray dogs on Jurong Island humanely. The 400 dogs on the island, now have a second chance to live, and will not go hungry, or be culled, and have their medical needs looked after, because of this massive project, which has been ongoing for 2 years.

Besides sterilisation, rehoming, medical treatments, we feed the dogs on the island – and require 2400kg of food per month (and growing). The expenses are borne by SOSD and NAC. We need your help, to help feed the dogs on Jurong Island!

This Christmas and New Year, we are conducting a food donation drive for the dogs on Jurong Island. Please help feed them!

Donate at: http://petguru.com.sg/product/jifood/