Lost Dog Prevention Video

Have you been seeing all the lost dog announcements on our social media feed? Are you getting ready to bring a rescue dog home? Want to know what are some things to prepare to reduce the risks of losing a dog? 

Watch this video for tips on keeping the dogs safe and preventing them from running away! Please share this with your family and friends who are intending to adopt a dog, regardless of where they’re adopting the dog from. 

Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped put this video together! 

Featuring our Adopted Dogs: 

Duke (who jumped out the window but is thankfully still alive) 
Puppy, who has gone to doggie heaven <3 
Caramel, who was lost for 8 months before we finally found her and is now happily adopted 
Jewel, who was lost for 2 months and has been adopted by her real son’s family