Meet Nike, and his fosterer Madelina

Meet Nike, and his fosterer Madelina, who has gone the extra mile for this sweet little boy.

Nike did not get a good start in life. He was impounded at AVA as a puppy, but received a new lease of life after we bailed him out. He was sent to Madelina while waiting for a home, but unfortunately, it was then that he developed problems walking.

Nike is born with patella luxations (loose patellas) in both legs and if untreated, the problem would worsen, and he would be unable to walk again. Nike has since had surgery, with his surgical bills totaling $4,791.87.

Today, with the loving care of Madelina, and the excellent work of his vets at Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group, Nike is running around like a happy puppy should!

Nike has just turned one. His life would have been very different, or rather, he would not even have a life to speak of if not for your constant help and support.

We need big-hearted fosterers who have experience with dogs, to help dogs like Nike, over physical or behavioral problems. Other dogs need help too, like Ally, with problems in her legs ( or Titus, who is very timid and needs help to trust again (

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