Qara is the missing piece

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl with a kind and loving family. Daddy was gruff but a softie on the inside, and mummy was fun and spunky. The little girl and her family were happy, but she felt that there was just something missing. What could it be? She just couldn’t quite place her finger on it.

Then one day, mummy insisted that they all go to a carnival. It was a carnival filled with dozens of playful, happy dogs. Mummy suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “Look, it’s Qara!” Lo and behold, it was the sweetest brown dog that the little girl had seen in a while. It must also have been love at first sight for Qara, as the humans and pup immediately bonded and had a wonderful time together. Even daddy couldn’t help but be charmed by the pretty pooch. All too soon, it was time to go; the family could barely pull themselves away.

Once home, all they could think and talk about was Qara. Mummy and the little girl even pretended that Qara was already at home with them! But it was only after much thought and serious discussion that the family decided that they were ready for Qara in their lives. She might just be the missing piece!

Finally, Qara was at home with them. Alas, first times are tough for everyone; the little girl and her parents never had a dog before and did not know what to do with Qara. Qara was also bewildered in a brand new home environment. But they were both determined to make things right, and with help and advice from Qara’s fosterers, things started to work out just fine. The little girl and Qara soon became inseparable partners-in-crime. Qara in turn adored her new family and was so blissful that she couldn’t stop wagging her tail, even when she was asleep. She loved them so much that she taught herself to open any closed doors, so that she’d never be separated from her family.

Mummy tells everyone these days that Qara and her Singapore-special friends are such wonderful dogs. They’re as affectionate and playful as the best of breeds, sometimes even smarter and better!

Snuggled up with Qara one day, the little girl smiled contentedly – Truly, Qara is the missing piece. Family life is now wonderfully complete!

The end*

** not quite the end… you can still follow the adventures of Qara and her happy family on Instagram! Go check out here.