Race Against Time To Save Lives – Vaccination Campaign

Vaccination Campaign
Two months ago, we had to grapple with a Parvovirus outbreak at our shelter. After that was cleared, we continued to have an extremely challenging time as we raced against time to control the source of the Parvovirus which originated from one of our TNR (Trap Neuter Release) sites. One by one, the dogs in the sterilisation site fell ill. A total of 14 dogs were evacuated and treated. Some of them did not make it. It costs $4,000 to $7,000 to treat a dog with the parvovirus, the outbreak devastated not only lives, but also depleted our bank account.

As the Parvovirus affects dogs that are not vaccinated, the best prevention was to conduct a campaign to vaccinate the dogs at the TNR site. The site has over 100 dogs in over 20 locations.

Two weeks ago, we managed to vaccinate 19 dogs (adults and pups) and microchip 18 dogs located at six different locations all over that site. The work is not done. In a month’s time, we will be back for their second vaccination, and also to vaccinate other dogs, to confer immunity to as many dog as possible. It is the only way to stop the outbreak and prevent further suffering.

We would like to thank our volunteer vets Dr Wong Chuan Ning, and Dr Dawn Chong, and other volunteers: Claire Bowry, Mark of Farty Transport, Dennis from Mutts Rescue, and SOSD volunteers Weimin, Serene and Ling for being part of this campaign. We are grateful for the help of feeders, expecially Mr Chan and Jasmine, for making this possible.

We are also immensely grateful to the Animal Practice for donating to us the vaccines for this round of vaccination.

To help us help these dogs at this parvovirus site, whether it is to treat the sick dogs or to continue our TNR efforts here, donate to help the dogs with Parvovirus, at www.sosd.org.sg/donation

In the meantime, we continue to rescue puppies from the site, so that they may get a second chance to live a life not as a stray, but as a companion pet. Already, more than 20 dogs were caught and culled from the site in the past month before we could intervene. We are racing against time, the Parvovirus, in an uphill battle to save lives. We are not giving up, and we hope that you too, can join us, in this fight.

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