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2017 Flagday Mission Pawsible

SOSD Flag Day 2017, our annual fundraiser, is here!

This year, we will be undertaking “Mission Pawsible” to raise funds for our new shelter and all the expenditure incurred from taking care of our furry residents.

While we rescue many homeless dogs in need, animal welfare work is never a one way street. The dogs give us so much in return. SOSD dogs, in particular, go one step further, to help others in need through our outreach programs: They are our superheroes, showing us that even with 4 tiny paws, they can achieve the impossible, and make Singapore a better place.

Flag Day is only pawsible with all hands (and paws) on deck, so we need your help!
Sign up to be a flag collector at the link below!
A big woofy thank you from the dogs!

Date: 19 March 2017 Sunday
Venue: Youth Park
Time: 9am to 6pm
You can sign up via this link:

See what happens during Flag Day, with SOSD Flag Day 2016 video: