Superb Volunteer – Carol

This week, we cast the spotlight on our superb volunteer Carol, who has been volunteering with us since late 2011. An exceedingly dedicated volunteer, Carol wears many hats at SoSD: she not only helps at the shelter, takes the shelter dogs out for pack walks on weekends, fosters, but is also in charge of the medical well-being of the dogs!

In addition to her long list of roles, Carol is also part of the rehabilitation team. Rehabilitating a dog is never as exciting as what is seen on TV; it involves hours of just sitting beside a dog and slowly gaining its trust. One day, the dog will finally allow itself to be touched, leashed, and, gradually, be willing to be taken out.

carol volunteer
Carol shares, “My experience volunteering with SOSD has been nothing but enlightening. Dogs can teach us a lot about living a happy life. While I don’t expect everyone to understand, I know for a fact that those who do would agree that dogs are great teachers, real friends and selfless lovers. All in all, leaders who help us become better people. They don’t lie, they forgive easily, they embrace change, they don’t care about breed, size, or colour, and they celebrate life as it is. Since joining SOSD, I’ve taken valuable lessons from our furry friends and am filled with joy knowing that many like-minded individuals are also volunteering to give back. While we as a team can’t do everything for all street dogs in Singapore, we will do everything we can. I hope many more can step forward to volunteer, foster, adopt, and donate so that they may also experience first hand the many gifts dogs have to offer.”

Thank you Carol – SoSD appreciates your time, love and service!

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