“When we watched the SOSD Facebook video of the appalling condition that the Frenchies were in, our hearts were broken. We already had two Frenchies (Lulu & Coco ) but we knew, as a family, we could make a difference and decided to apply.

Tara was initially really hard work. Her medical issues were daunting and her behaviour was terrible. She needed to learn how to socialise and not attack Lulu & Coco. This was a challenge as we believe only in positive reinforcement. Luckily both my other girls are very placid and often just ignored her. Tara was incredibly possessive, so teaching her that there were enough food, toys and love were draining. There were times, however, in that first week, when I cried and felt like a failure.

After a week of highs and lows, we slowly saw bits of Tara’s personality emerging and it was amazing! She’s playful, curious and alert. She fills so many different roles, for example, she’s our resident interior decorator, always moving cushions, mats, or the washing basket around the house. She is also our alarm, set for 5:30 am, sharp! She’s our nurse, licking Lulu’s hurt ear. Well, she’s just so many things to us.

Tara’s transformation is nowhere near complete. She’s halfway through her heartworm treatment but the journey she’s been through is amazing. She has a zest for life and a curious nature. We are so privileged to help her become well again and to give her the opportunity to be part of a family. We can’t imagine not seeing her little monkey face when we wake up or seeing her excitement when we get home from work. She’s slowly trusting us more and her quirkiness is amazing to watch. She’s our Tara baby and we love her.”

– Tara’s adopter