Meet SOSD puppies and enjoy free snuggle time this Friday, December 9, 1pm – 5pm, at the first ever #UberPUPPIES event in Singapore! We chose 20 of the most people loving pups for this initiative – so you can be assured that they will enjoy the event as much as you!
While the event is free, you are welcome to give a donation of your choice this Christmas season! Every puppy is accompanied by an experienced volunteer, so that the safety and well-being of the puppies are being looked after, and so that you can speak to them more about our work, and adopting them!

Be sure to mark the event in your calender!


(Updated on 7 Dec 2017)

We understand that there have been concerns about the upcoming #UberPUPPIES event. Complaints against SOSD, Uber and the event have been made to SPCA and media outlets, with some likening the initiative to prostitution and sexual services.

We would like to reassure everyone that SOSD selected dogs very carefully for the UberPuppies event, making sure that only the puppies who enjoy human interaction participate. In addition, one experienced volunteer from the rehoming team is assigned to each puppy, to make sure they are not stressed. If they show signs of stress, they will be removed and brought back to the shelter/ foster homes.

It is very common for rescue dogs to interact with members of the public. SOSD holds bi-monthly adoption drives where puppies and adult dogs interact with the public, under close supervision of volunteers.

In addition, SOSD has 2 robust AAA (animal assisted activities) programs – Healing Paws and Canine Chums, where dogs are brought to homes and institutions for interactions with students, and persons in need. These dogs, like the ones for UberPuppies undergo special assessment, to guarantee that puppy participants enjoy human interactions, and are confident in unfamiliar environments and strangers.

The aim of UberPuppies, like every adoption drive or Outreach session, is to educate the public about the need for adoption, and raise awareness about the plight of homeless dogs in Singapore. SOSD is clear that the puppies’ welfare is our top priority, and will never compromise their safety, or well-being for any initiative. Volunteers have worked very hard to make this happen, taking leave, planning behind the scenes, all for a good cause, and we are all set, for a meaningful and fun-filled event!

#UberPUPPIES is happening this Friday, 9 Dec, 1pm-5pm! Be sure to keep a lookout!