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Gender: Male
HDB Approved: Yes

Estimated DOB: 18 Jun 2016

Personality: Damien is quiet and contented most times. He understands commands like “sit”, “come”, “no”, “paw”. He loves food, walks, sleep and chew toys. Walks reasonably well on leash, and is grass-trained. He has been with a fosterer for a few years now, and is used to sleeping in the same room as his fosterer and another dog, so we are not sure if he can sleep or be left alone. He likes to chew on cushions and blankets.

Even though Damien is pretty low energy, adopters need to be very patient as he takes a long time to trust new people. He does not like to interact with people he doesn’t know, and may snap if he feels threatened. While he is wary of children, he gets along well with other dogs.

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