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Sponsored by Tan Koon Yin

Gender: Male
HDB Approved: No

Estimated DOB: 1 May 2018

Personality: Lucki isn’t all that lucky. He was found with a gaping wound on his snout in a temple, and was very likely to be abandoned by his owners.

Lucki remains a sweet and affectionate boy, always jumping in joy when we approach. He loves people despite what he’s been through, and we promise him we would find him a good family who will never abandon him again! Lucki is very active and fun-loving, but tends to nip when we are trying to leash him. He also does not like being towelled dry after showers, and can go into a nipping frenzy. He would do well with a firm adopter who’d be able to train him and expand his energy through lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

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